10 Waterfront Vacation Homes In The Netherlands For A Relaxing Getaway

The Netherlands, with its intricate network of canals, lakes, and rivers, offers a unique opportunity to enjoy a relaxing vacation in a waterfront holiday home. In this guide, we will explore 10 stunning waterfront vacation homes across the country, where you can enjoy a variety of activities like boating, swimming, or simply unwinding by the water.

Watervillas in De Weerribben Natural Area | Wanneperveen, Overijssel

Experience the beauty of the De Weerribben natural area with a stay in one of the luxurious watervillas located in Wanneperveen, Overijssel. These modern and spacious accommodations offer direct access to the water, allowing you to explore the picturesque surroundings with ease.

Boating on the Reeuwijkse Plassen from Your Waterfront Home | Reeuwijk, South Holland

Nestled in Reeuwijk, South Holland, these waterfront homes offer stunning views of the Reeuwijkse Plassen. With direct access to the water, guests can enjoy boating, swimming, and fishing during their stay.

Vacation Home with Private Jetty in Terkaple, Friesland

Located in Terkaple, Friesland, this cozy vacation home offers a private jetty, making it an ideal destination for those looking to explore the Dutch waterways. Spend your days sailing, fishing, or simply enjoying the tranquility of the water.

Stay in a Tiny House on the Water in Bergschenhoek, South Holland

Experience the tiny house trend with a twist in Bergschenhoek, South Holland. This compact and eco-friendly waterfront home offers a unique and cozy retreat, perfect for a romantic getaway or solo adventure.

Holiday Home near De Weerribben with Boat | Giethoorn, Overijssel

This charming holiday home in Giethoorn, Overijssel, comes with its own boat, allowing guests to explore the nearby De Weerribben natural area. Discover the picturesque village of Giethoorn, often referred to as the “Venice of the North,” with its beautiful canals and thatched-roof houses.

SUP, Boat, or Swim from Your Own Harbor Lodge on the Mookerplas | Middelaar, Limburg

Located on the Mookerplas in Middelaar, Limburg, these harbor lodges offer direct access to the water and a variety of activities, including stand-up paddleboarding, boating, and swimming. Enjoy the stunning views and unwind in your private waterfront retreat.

Waterfront Nature House Near the Maarsseveense Plassen in Utrecht

This charming nature house in Utrecht offers a tranquil retreat by the Maarsseveense Plassen. Enjoy the serenity of the surroundings and indulge in activities like swimming, fishing, or simply relaxing by the water.

Unique Overnight Stay on the Water: Spend a Night in a Lifeboat in Monnickendam, North Holland

For a truly unique experience, spend a night in a converted lifeboat in Monnickendam, North Holland. This cozy and intimate accommodation offers a one-of-a-kind waterfront experience, perfect for those seeking something out of the ordinary.

Overnight Stay in a Marina in Almere, Flevoland

Experience the vibrant atmosphere of a marina with a stay in one of these comfortable accommodations in Almere, Flevoland. With easy access to the water, guests can enjoy boating, fishing, or simply taking in the views of the marina.

Luxury Waterfront Vacation Villas in Maurik, Geld erland

Immerse yourself in luxury and relaxation at these stunning waterfront vacation villas in Maurik, Gelderland. With modern amenities, spacious interiors, and breathtaking views of the water, these villas offer the ultimate indulgence for your next getaway. Enjoy boating, swimming, or simply lounging on your private terrace as you soak in the picturesque surroundings.

The Netherlands, with its abundant waterways, provides countless opportunities to enjoy a serene and rejuvenating vacation by the water. From cozy tiny homes to luxurious villas, these 10 waterfront holiday homes offer something for everyone. So, the next time you plan a trip to the Netherlands, consider staying in one of these delightful waterfront accommodations for a truly memorable experience.

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